Benefits of Insurance

  • Financial Security of Life and Assets in case of an unfortunate event
  • Tax Relief by way of deductions from Income, which lowers tax burden
  • Encourages saving and helps in Financial Planning for the Future
  • Life Insurance Policies can be used as a security to obtain a Loan

MOTOR INSURANCE Two Wheeler Insurance - Long Term Policy
  • Insure once and stay secure for upto 3 years
  • Hassle-free claim settlement
  • Quick and easy steps to purchase bike insurance online
  • 24x7 service and claim support
  • Zero Depreciation Cover available

  • IGet a vehicle tracking and monitoring device under DriveSmart Service
  • Cashless claim settlement at over 4000 preferred garages
  • 24x7 Road side assistance
  • Towing Facility in an event of a breakdown
  • Zero Depreciation Cover available

We offer solutions for all sectors of the industry ranging from Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Chemicals, Foods & Beverages, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Technology, Telecom, Textiles, Transport & Logistics.

  • Covers loss of baggage/passport
  • Covers flight delays/flight cancellations
  • Covers your medical/hospitalization expenses while traveling abroad
  • Quick settlement of claims
  • Automatic claim settlement service for the customers through Travel Ezee
  • Covers your home against loss from fire, burglary and natural calamities
  • Covers the contents of your home, including portable equipment
  • Cover for jewellery, valuables, works of art
  • Useful add-ons to customise your policy for total protection


We specializes in offering commercial property insurance for the most complex and challenging exposures.


We also provide marine insurance for all types of marine cargo risks.


We provides a wide range of solutions matching the footprint and the needs of multinational clients.


Modern business liability insurance exposures arise from many sources: from third parties, from products, from the environment, from emerging risks.


When you opt for life insurance, you transfer your family's financial risks in case of your untimely demise to the life insurer. This allows you and your loved ones to live life fearlessly. Life Insurance protects your family's financial wellbeing from the consequences of living without an income.

When you purchase a life insurance policy, you purchase a sense of security. A safety net that cushions your family members from the financial impact of your sudden absence and ensures that any outstanding debts that were incurred during your lifetime don't fall upon your loved ones.

A life insurance plan also helps protect your future financial goals such as the needs of your children, their education and even their marriage.

At some point of time, each one of us will realize the importance of a life insurance plan. To ensure that it is not too late, get insured today! It will help you smile in the face of tomorrow's uncertainties and let you Jiyo Befikar!


Term insurance is the purest form of insurance. The policy will be in force for a particular term (say 30 years or up to the age of 75) and then comes to an end. During the time the term policy is in force, the insured pays a fixed premium to the insurance company at regular intervals. This is called premium, and if during this time the insured dies, the insurance company pays a guaranteed amount of money, known as sum assured, to the nominee of the insured

ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plan )

If you are looking for a financial product that provides dual benefits of life insurance cover & investment returns under one umbrella, then look no further than a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). These plans go a long way in safeguarding you and your loved ones from any unfortunate events in life whilst also aiding you in long term wealth creation through market linked returns.


We want what's best for our kids, nothing less than that! A child plan ensures that your kids get exactly that. They help in planning and fulfilling the financial future of your children, right from their upbringing to their education and even their marriage! In simple terms, a Child Life Insurance Plan gives wings to your child's dreams.


Retirement Plans help you live a proud and comfortable life post your retirement. It ensures that you no longer need to worry about making ends meet. Investing in a Retirement Plan with Life Insurance cover today ensures complete peace of mind for tomorrow.


Group life insurance policies provide cover to groups of people such as employers-employees, co-workers, professionals, cooperative societies, etc. These plans are ideal in providing gratuity, annuity, insurance and savings to a group of people under one plan.

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