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Enter Login Id and Password in login Page:
  • TM Code – Trading Member Code
  • User Id – As provided to you by Premium
  • Login Password – Alfa numeric between 6-12 Characters
Click on Submit to login!
Password Policy
  • Password Length min 6 max 12 characters
  • Password has to be alphanumeric
  • Password will be expired after 14 days if not changed.
  • For the first order of the session Transaction password has to be put .
  • Last 3 Old passwords can not be used.
  • Password will be blocked on 3 wrong attempts

First Time Login

For the first time login or on resting the password the system will ask for changing the Login Password as well as Transaction password.

Password Policy cont..

On changing the password following confirmation would be shown to the client.

Landing Page

On successful Login following window will open which will show that NSE CASH & FAO contracts are downloaded click on ok.

Market Watch – To monitor prices

You can opt Market watch or Express from trade menu depending upon your Internet connectivity speed and your requirements. On clicking Market Watch following screen will open

How to add contract in Market watch

To Create the New Market watch - click on set MW

How to add contract in Market watch cont..
  • Click on create market watch
  • Give the market watch name and click on create.
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